This is just my little corner where I'll try posting my nsfw! I'm still currently posting my art on twitter but I wanted to make a site for fun. (but also jic that site explodes) This site is half inspired by early 2000s furry/furry porn websites. I am not immune to older website aesthetics. I plan on making a sfw site as well, for right now my link for it does not work.


Fray | 30 | he/him | nonbinary transsexual

I'm a (mostly) creature artist from the US! My favorite things to draw are monsters and furries, but I draw humanoid characters as well. I paint digitally with paint tool SAI, and I make pixel art with graphicsgale. I started taking T-gel on Halloween of 2022. 🦇

Inappropriate Transsexuality Deluxe - C418



I took a long break from building the site so I've come back to chip away at it some more!


Started working on this site about two days ago! It's coming along!
Here's how this page looked while I was messing with it/before I drew art for it
Lots of silly place holder images and such. I might change colours and other graphics already placed, who knows! I'm winging it!

figuring out what to put here