A collection of FFXIV related artwork of OCs + canon ffxiv characters.
This includes kink so be mindful of the content warnings.

chuluun/adkiragh: monster bottom growth fellatio

Art of Chuluun in his half dragon form receiving fellatio from Adkiragh.
In this form his bottom growth is large enough to gag on, and Adkiragh could spend all day sucking their monster wifes dick.

Chuluun/Adkiragh phonesex

Chuluun getting off while Adkiragh listens via link pearl, and teasing him like they often do. Chuluun is a hunter so there are sometimes a couple of days where he's away from home.

Chuluun/Adkiragh slime sex + breeding kink

Chuluun being weird with his transformation powers, as he often does. He likes 'cumming' inside his wife in these forms and filling him.

Full Dragon Form + tdick penetration

Chuluun in his full dragon form fucking his lover. His size can vary, and he pretty exclusively enjoys penetration/topping in this form.

Chuluun + Adkiragh misc

Just a collection of one-offs with these two, together and solo! Includes some of Chuluun's other monster forms.

Chuluun's Furry Sexcapades

Art of a slightly younger Chuluun while he was an adventurer and/or a pirate. A lot of encounters with furs/scalies that may or may not be canon. Most of them are though just because I find it funny and also it turned him into a furry.


Below is artwork that contains kink/fetishes that may not be for everyone + descriptions of said fetishes.

chuluun/adkiragh: frotting + breeding kink + preg + oviposition

Art of Chuluun in his half dragon form getting some breedings from Adkiragh and frotting againt his tdick. Chuluun's body in this form can produce eggs, just for fun. Adkiragh is always willing to have things get a little weird with her lover.

chuluun/adkiragh: piss play/watersports + fellatio

Just some piss play with oral clean up. While Adkiragh playfully enabled Chuluun's fetishes, Adkiragh realized she enjoys a lot of them as well. This is one of them.

chuluun/adkiragh: piss kink/watersports + outdoors

Chuluun and Adkiragh enjoying their vacation with some outdoor piss play and some oral clean up. When it's just the two of them on a remote island with no one around they'll take any oppurtunity to be yucky nasty.